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Big Tech Launches Consortium to Address AI Impact on Jobs

Artificial Intelligence is not angling to steal jobs, according to Big Tech, which is galvanizing its forces to push back against that perception by forming a new consortium that addresses the effect of AI on the workforce. Called the AI-Enabled ICT Workforce Consortium, it will “assess AI’s impact on technology jobs and identify skills development pathways for the roles most likely to be affected by artificial intelligence,” according to Cisco, which leads the initiative. Accenture, Eightfold, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Microsoft and SAP are also participating. Read more

OpenAI Integrates New Image Editor for DALL-E into ChatGPT

OpenAI has updated the editor for DALL-E, the artificial intelligence image generator that is part of the ChatGPT premium tiers. The update, based on the DALL-E 3 model, makes it easier for users to adjust their generated images. Shortly after DALL-E 3’s September debut, OpenAI integrated it into ChatGPT, enabling paid subscribers to generate images from text or image prompts. The new DALL-E editor interface lets users edit images “by selecting an area of the image to edit and describing your changes in chat” without using the selection tool. Desired changes can also be prompted “in the conversation panel,” according to OpenAI. Read more

Microsoft, Quantinuum Tout Advance in Quantum Computing

Microsoft and Quantinuum have improved the logical error rate in quantum computing by 800x, a breakthrough the partners say has the potential to usher in a new era of qubit processing. Using ion-trap hardware from Quantinuum and a qubit-virtualization system from Microsoft, the team ran more than 14,000 experiments with no errors — a huge feat in the notoriously fickle realm of qubits. The system has error diagnostics and corrections built in, identifying which errors need to be fixed and correcting them without destroying the underlying logical qubits, according to the companies. Read more

Facebook Updates Video Player to Take On TikTok, YouTube

Meta Platforms has updated its Facebook video player to offer a consistent vertical view for Reels, Facebook Live and long-form content, making vertical the default view. The upgraded player adds controls including fullscreen mode for horizontal videos, a slider to parse through longer videos, and “tap” functionality to bring up additional options, like “pause,” or jumping back or forward in 10-second increments. The new video player will roll out first on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada, then globally in the coming months. Read more

AWS Deadline Cloud Service Scales Up Instant Render Farms

Amazon Web Services has launched a new cloud computing service called AWS Deadline Cloud that allows customers to set up, deploy, and scale rendering projects in what the company says is mere “minutes,” improving efficiency by facilitating parallel rendering pipelines. “With Deadline Cloud, customers creating computer graphics, visual effects, or innovating their pipelines to incorporate artificial intelligence-generated visuals can build a cloud-based render farm — aggregated compute — that scales from zero to thousands of compute instances for peak demand, without needing to manage their own infrastructure,” according to AWS. Read more

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