ETC@USC Student / Executive Discussion - ETCentric

The seven winners of the ETC@USC Future of Themed Experiences Challenge were rewarded on December 2, 2022 with a one hour meeting to ask fourteen senior executives from entertainment-related companies questions about trends, strategies and career advice.  Every executive and student contributed to this outstanding discussion.

Here is the list of 9 topics covered, along with the timecode where that discussion starts in the video.

1:30 Jaden Kirshner, Sophomore, Marshall School of Business

Do you need to learn to code to break into entertainment technology?  What are good ways to break into that field?

9:37 Powen Yao, Grad Student, Viterbi School of Engineering

How are you using XR to do something that is ONLY possible inside the XR space (e.g. beyond imitating what you can do real life, like training and work simulation)?

15:29 Aleksandre Lomadze-Gabiani, Junior, Viterbi School of Engineering

Specific question; How does the mass entity system in Unreal Engine 5 fit into Unreal’s overall metaverse strategy?

16:44 Aleksandre Lomadze-Gabiani, Junior, Viterbi School of Engineering

What do you think of Meta’s strategy of encapsulating the metaverse whole space in one go? Do you think it is wise?

21:32 Nathan Huh, Sophomore, Viterbi School of Engineering

How does someone who has focused on the technical and coding side of things move into the more creative side and become a better storyteller?

30:38 Kimisha Renee Davis, Junior, School of Cinematic Arts

Do you have advise for finding an internship?

37:10 Sophie Shack, Junior, Iovine & Young Academy

How do you balance creating for the future using new innovations versus creating for the reality of the market with the limitations of cost and manpower?

43:36 Tiffany Yoon, Senior, Viterbi School of Engineering

What are some visionary directions you see your company investing in in the next 4 to 5 years?

50:00 Jaden Kirshner, Sophomore, Marshall School of Business

How do you think entertainment technology will effect the job market specifically for creative individuals?  Will tech like AI replace creatives or will it require artists and creatives to adapt?


The participating executives were;


         Marty Sixkiller                   Principal Product Mgr., Tech

Dolby Labs

         Chris Bennett                    CTO

Epic Games

         Kim Libreri                        CTO

         Connie Kennedy                LA Lab Dir.

         Tony Driscoll                     Head, Strategy & Bus Ops

         Mike Sill                            Lead Operator, ICVFX Stage


         Filiz Bahmanpour              VP Product, Nielsen Solutions


         Ted Schilowitz                Futurist


         Bill Baggelaar                    CTO, EVP, GM Sony Innov. Studios


         Chris Thomes                    VP Creative, Disney TV Studio

         Matt Walters                    Dir Motion Picture Labs & Finishing


         Michael Wise                    CTO

Warner Bros

         Renard Jenkins                  SVP, Prod Integ & Creative Tech Serv

         Mike Zink                          VP Technology