FAQ - ETCentric

What is ETCentric?
ETCentric is a collaborative online destination that provides technology news, trends and opinions as they relate to the entertainment industry. Today’s media professionals are faced with a glut of information, making it increasingly difficult to cull what is relevant to their careers. ETCentric curates vital news and opinion and serves as a forum where industry insiders can openly discuss new products, creative inspiration, evolving trends and innovation in media technology.

Who runs ETCentric

ETCentric is run by the Entertainment Technology Center at The University of Southern California (ETC@USC). The ETC is part of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

What is the ETC?
The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California (ETC@USC) is a think tank and research center that brings together senior executives, innovators, thought leaders, and catalysts from the entertainment, consumer electronics, technology, and services industries along with the academic resources of the University of Southern California to explore and to act upon topics and issues related to the creation, distribution, and consumption of entertainment content.

Is ETCentric open to the general public?
ETCentric is designed as a resource and forum for entertainment, technology and consumer electronics professionals. Members of entertainment industry trade and professional organizations, technology companies and developers, consumer electronics firms, students and media are welcome. The homepage of ETCentric and the content of the newsfeed are free and open to the public. ETCentric also features content that is reserved for sponsors and partners of the ETC’s research.

Are there any other ETC Publications?
ETC publishes a daily news brief called The Daily Bullet. Subscriptions are free and you may register here (link to form)

How do I become a sponsor of the ETC?
The ETC is a non-profit organization funded by its member companies. There are three different levels of membership that allow companies to participate in some or all of the ETC’s activities. Silver Members ($25,000) participate in one of the major ETC projects. Gold Members ($50,000) participate in all of the ETC’s projects and working groups. Platinum Members ($100,000) sit on the ETC’s Board and help define the ETC’s direction, projects and initiatives. Download PDF here

Lab Donations: Companies that provide products and services for the entertainment industry can become Project Sponsors. Project Sponsors provide financial and in-kind support to a current Project and/or Laboratory.

For more information please contact: Kenneth Williams – Executive Director/CEO of ETC