New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to Feature Eye Tracking

Samsung’s Galaxy S IV smartphone will be introduced this month and has an exciting new software element to showcase: eye scrolling. The phone tracks a user’s eyes to determine where to scroll, according to one Samsung employee. For example, when users read articles and their eyes reach the bottom of a page, the software will scroll down to reveal any additional paragraphs. Continue reading New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to Feature Eye Tracking

CES 2013: Tobii Takes Eye Tracking Gaze to the Next Level

Swedish developer Tobii Technology unveiled Tobii REX at CES this week, which the company describes as the first gaze interaction computer peripheral to be made available for the consumer market. It leverages the eye-tracking-based interface Tobii Gaze so that users can control their computers by combining their eye gaze with touch, mouse and keyboard controls. Continue reading CES 2013: Tobii Takes Eye Tracking Gaze to the Next Level

EyeAsteroids from Tobii: Will Eye Control be the New Motion Control?

  • Stockholm-based Tobii Technology is introducing a one-off arcade machine called EyeAsteroids, a game that recognizes eye movement as its control mechanism, dismissing “the idea of using joypads, joysticks or flailing your arms around like a whirligig in order to play games,” reports Pocket-lint.
  • “EyeAsteroids is similar to the classic arcade unit from 1979, but with no physical control mechanism.”
  • The company, known for its eye-tracking communication aids for those with special needs, claims the technology is faster than gesture recognition. According to its website, the company provides related technology for research fields and computer controls in areas including hospitals, diagnostics, vehicle safety, gaming and computer manufacturing.
  • “We believe the addition of eye control to computer games is the most significant evolution point in the gaming industry since the introduction of motion control systems, such as the Nintendo Wii,” said Henrik Eskilsson, Tobii’s CEO. “Gaze interaction is fast and intuitive, adding an entirely new dimension to video game interaction.”
  • The Tobii EyeAsteroids prototype is starting its world tour in New York City today and will be on display at January’s CES in the South Hall.

All Eyes on Apple: iPhone, iPad Beat Android Devices in Eye-Tracking Study

  • A recent study by EyeTrackshop showed that Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 “drew more glances and held people’s attention longer than Google Android devices from Amazon, HTC, Motorola and Samsung,” reports Forbes.
  • The study showed participants a picture of six smartphones and five tablets. EyeTrackshop’s software tracked where subjects’ eyes went, in what order and how long, using webcams.
  • “EyeTrackshop said the results equate to respondents dwelling on the iPhone 4S 42 percent longer than the other phones and on the iPad 138 percent longer than the other tablets.”
  • Additionally, a follow-up survey indicated that 40 percent found the iPhone most visually appealing; for tablets, 35 percent for the iPad; and disregarding price, 47 percent said they would buy the iPhone and 48 percent preferred the iPad to other tablets.

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