Internet Trends Report: Overall Growth Slows, Mobile on Rise

It’s that time of year again. Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, presented her annual report on Internet trends at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California on Wednesday. Meeker noted that growth in Internet usage was slowing, but overall mobile data consumption (pushed by video) is up 81 percent, due to the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones. While mobile accounted for 14 percent of Web usage last year, it is up to 25 percent today.

“Mobile is also taking a bigger share of Internet advertising, and Ms. Meeker sees great potential for future growth there,” reports The New York Times. “In 2013, people spent 20 percent of their time on mobile devices, yet only 5 percent of the ad spending was there.”

“The evidence is more clear that people want to share information more privately. Messaging services like WhatsApp, Tencent and Line are growing at exponential rates — a trend that companies like Facebook, which emphasizes sharing among large groups of friends, have noticed.”

Not surprisingly, Meeker’s report finds that an increasing number of consumers are sharing articles via social media and accessing streaming services. Across the globe, 22 percent of video is watched on mobile devices, and American viewers 16-to-34 watched just 41 percent of their television content live.

Meeker suggests that YouTube is more popular than ever with consumers. “They are increasingly loving short-form video,” she said. “Consumers even love ads.”


The report also notes that 84 percent of mobile owners in the U.S. use their devices while watching TV (see slide above). Top activities include: surfing the Web, shopping, checking sports scores, looking up info related to content being broadcast, emailing or texting friends about the program, reading a discussion about the program on social media, and buying a product/service being advertised.

Meeker’s complete slideshow — which also covers tech stocks, education, healthcare, China, music streaming, big data and additional trends — is available on the KPCB site.

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