Sony Rolls Out Brighter, Better-Sounding Bravia TVs for 2024

Sony’s new line of Bravia televisions focuses on MiniLED display tech with the high-end Bravia 9. There is also the OLED-based Bravia 8, and the company is keeping 2023’s A95L QD-OLED in the mix. But the spotlight is in the LED backlighting system that Sony has spent several years refining, XR Backlight Master Drive, which can assert precise control over each pixel. Sony says the technology is comparable to the underpinnings of its professional mastering monitors. The XR Backlight Master Drive system allocates LED resources using purpose-built silicon created by Sony for its MiniLED TVs.

“The Bravia 9 contains 325 percent more dimming zones than 2023’s X95L, which already delivered phenomenal black levels with barely a trace of any perceptible blooming,” The Verge informs, adding that the Bravia 9 can also “crank 50 percent brighter at peak luminance” than the X95L, according to Sony, which says it accomplishes this using 20 percent less energy.

“‘Cinema is coming home’ is the tagline for this year’s TVs, and Sony wants to reestablish Bravia as the brand capable of an unmatched living room viewing experience,” The Verge writes.

Wired calls the Bravia 9 (above) “Sony’s blazing new flagship MiniLED TV,” characterizing that and three other 2024 models as representing “a subtly different approach over last year’s lineup.” Wired explains how Sony’s new backlights are “better at understanding content,” with “enhanced object recognition that makes the LEDs both smarter and more efficient.”

In addition to Dolby Vision across line, the new TVs (excluding the entry-level Bravia 3) support not only Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode but also a new Prime Video Calibrated Mode. “The latter allows the TV to automatically optimize picture across movies, TV shows, and even live sports for the first time to present smoother action,” The Verge reports.

The Bravia 9 65-inch has a list price of $3,299.99, while the 75-inch is $3,999.99, and $5,499.99 for the 85-inch.

“For that money, you’re getting all the company’s bonus features like ‘X-Wide Angle’ for consistent viewing angles and ‘X-Anti Reflection’ to avoid unwanted visual distractions,” along with enhanced audio features, notes The Verge, opining “Sony’s built-in TV speakers are on another level compared to the mediocre drivers you often get from other brands.”

In addition to the four new Bravia TVs, Sony announced the Bravia Theater home audio product lineup “made for seamless integration to experience the full audiovisual richness of any content at home.”

Sony’s 2024 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Range Has Arrived, TechRadar, 4/17/24

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