Hulu to Offer High-Quality Live Streaming With 60fps Support

One of the criticisms of Internet-based live television services involves video quality limitations for sports fans. Some of the services support 30fps, a frame rate that leads to problems when streaming live sports. Hulu announced this week that it plans to address this concern with a staggered rollout of support for 60fps for its Live TV service. The streams will initially be available for select channels and devices, to be followed by an expanded rollout. Support for higher-quality streams could attract new customers for Hulu, especially on the eve of the Winter Olympics.

“Many of Hulu’s competitors already support 60fps streams to varying degrees,” reports TechCrunch. “Sling TV supports 60fps on all its ESPN channels; DirecTV Now offers 60fps across all programs that telecast at the higher frame rate across nearly all devices; YouTube TV also supports 60fps on all of Fox- and ABC-owned cable channels.”


The higher-quality streams will initially be available across a number of select cable channels and broadcast affiliates, enabled on devices including Apple TV, Fire TV, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Tizen TV and Xbox One.

“This was one of the most-requested features by our viewers,” the company revealed in its Reddit post.

“The launch comes at a critical time for Hulu in terms of its ability to retain sports fans,” suggests TechCrunch. The service recently experienced technical difficulties during Super Bowl LII (Hulu is offering a free month to those viewers affected). And the company just launched a customized UI based on user preferences so that sports fans could easily track their favorite events during the Winter Olympics.