Survey: Netflix Subscribers Envision the Service Replacing TV

Netflix continues to invest heavily in its original programming as the company competes with pay TV and rival streaming services. The company has also reduced its U.S. library as licensing costs climb, while adding to its international offerings in markets such as Canada and Great Britain. To get a sense of the brand’s perception in an evolving digital landscape, AllFlicks surveyed 3,000 visitors to its own site and Reddit to learn how the company is faring as compared to pay TV and other entertainment businesses. With this select group, 75.5 percent believe Netflix could replace traditional TV.

Interestingly, 67.6 percent of respondents do not believe Netflix would replace movie theaters, reports (AllFlicks’ sister site).


“It’s worth remembering that our survey group was somewhat self-selecting — AllFlicks is a Netflix-focused website, and as a result may draw Netflix’s ‘power users’ disproportionately. But this survey was conducted entirely independently of, so there wasn’t any explicit cord cutting bias in the sample.”

Survey respondents overwhelmingly agreed that Netflix could “take down pay TV in much the same way as it once took down Blockbuster and Hollywood Video,” notes the article.

However, live sports remains the greatest obstacle to abandoning pay TV. “Netflix can’t totally replace TV due to live sporting events,” wrote one respondent. “I’ll be done with regular cable the day [Netflix] starts streaming live sports,” said another.

In addition to sports, news coverage was referenced as a reason to stay with the current pay TV model.

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