CES: Pivothead Offers Live Streaming Solution in Eyeglasses

Xentris Wireless designs, manufactures and distributes an array of wireless accessories. The company is in South Hall at CES this week showing a number of products; of particular interest is a nearly-normal looking eyeglass device from Pivothead that streams 1080p, 60 fps video. The Pivothead glasses will stream via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to Pivothead.TV. When unlocked, the glasses can stream to a location of your choice, or the video can be recorded on a microSD chip. The simplicity of the user interface and data management make it ideal for news gathering in the field.

Swiping the left temple of the glasses starts and stops recording. Tiny LEDs inside the frame indicate recording, power level, and Wi-Fi connection. There is no forward-facing ‘record’ indicator light.


The lenses are easily removable, so the frames can be shared and prescription lenses can be made.

An internal battery will record full resolution video for 30-45 minutes. A modular add-on battery that fits in the arm of the glasses enables 2-3 recording hours. There is also a USB socket that can be connected to an external phone charger for unlimited remote recording potential.

The glasses cost $299, and include the internal battery and free unlimited upload to the Pivothead.TV content aggregation site. The live-streaming module and the add-on battery are an additional $99. In the future, the company’s website will offer premium features, such as a private channel, for an additional fee.

Xentris Wireless is exhibiting in South Hall (#36223).