Meta Launches Enhanced Generative AI Tools for Advertisers

Meta Platforms announced an expanded collection of generative AI features, tools and services for advertisers and businesses. The enhanced AI features include full image and text generation, text overlay capabilities, and image expansion for Reels and the Feed in Facebook and Instagram. The updated tools will be available via Meta Ads Manager through Advantage+ creative. According to Meta: “Our goal is to help you at every step of your journey, whether that’s improving ad performance by helping you develop creative variations, automating certain parts of the ad creation process, or increasing your credibility and engagement through Meta Verified.”

Meta first announced “a set of AI features last October,” reports TechCrunch. “Now, instead of only being able to create different backgrounds for a product image, advertisers can also request full image variations, which offer AI-inspired ideas for the overall photo, including riffs that update the photo’s subject or product being advertised.”

“One advertiser, smartphone case maker Casetify, said that using Meta’s GenAI Background Generation feature led to a 13 percent increase in return on its ad spend,” notes TechCrunch. “The company had tested the option with its Advantage+ shopping campaigns, where the AI features first became available in the fall.”

According to the Meta announcement, the company is also offering new Meta Advantage products: Advantage+ creative optimizations for video ads, Advantage+ catalog ads with product recommendations, and Advantage+ creative with Advantage+ catalog ads that enables advertisers “to upload a ‘hero’ image or video” so that Meta’s AI can “dynamically show people the best products from their catalog to drive performance.”

Meta’s “text generation tools will also soon be powered by its most advanced Llama 3 large language model, which will further expand its capacity,” adds Social Media Today.

The company also claims that it has created guardrails “to prevent its system from generating inappropriate ad content or low-quality images,” explains TechCrunch. “This includes ‘pre-guardrails’ to filter out images that its gen AI models don’t support and ‘post-guardrails’ that filter out generated text and image content that doesn’t meet its quality bar or that it deems inappropriate.”

The collection of new AI features will become available worldwide by the end of the year. In addition, the Meta Verified subscription service for businesses — which now offers four tiers and will soon be coming to WhatsApp — is expanding to more international regions following its testing in Australia, New Zealand and Canada that began last year.

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