Acer, Asus, HP First to Offer Chromebook Plus with Google AI

Not to be outdone by Windows Copilot+ PCs, Google is also bringing AI to the Chromebook, which will be infused with Gemini’s generative smarts via companies including Acer, HP and Asus. “New Google AI and gaming features are available on Chromebook Plus,” says the Alphabet company, noting “you can now write like a pro with Help Me Write, supercharge your ideas with Gemini, edit photos in a snap with Magic Editor, and more — all on Chromebook Plus laptops starting at $350.” Google, which partially integrated Gemini with the Chrome browser, teased AI for ChromeOS last fall.

Among the first hardware partners to take advantage of AI functionality, “Acer has two updates to existing models, the Chromebook Plus Spin 714 and Chromebook Plus 516 GE,” explains Engadget.

The convertible Spin 714 emphasizes “greater connection, creation, and collaboration,” while the cloud-gaming-optimized Acer 516 GE focuses on low latency with 120Hz and 6G connectivity, per Acer’s release.

“The Spin 714 starts with an Intel Core Ultra 5 115U processor, while the 516 GE has the Core 5 120U processor,” writes Engadget, noting that these are “some of the newest chips Intel is offering.” Both are available in North America now, the Spin starting at $749.99 and the 516 GE at $699.99, reports The Verge, offering detailed specs.

Yahoo calls the ExpertBook CX54 Chromebook Plus “probably the most interesting new device from Asus.” Available with Intel’s Core 7 processor, 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, “the 14-inch touchscreen has a 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, significantly more pixel-dense than the Spin 714.”

The HP Chromebook Plus 14-inch and HP Chromebook Plus x360 14-inch come with Intel Core i3-N305 chips.

Chromebook Plus laptops “are getting a host of features that Google first teased last year as well as some new ones we haven’t heard about before,” writes Engadget, running down tools like Help Me Write, a generative text app that can fill entry fields across the web, now available on all Chromebook Plus laptops.

“Whether that’s a Google product like Gmail or a site like Facebook, you can use it to get a prompt, or have it analyze what you’ve already written to make it more formal, or funny,” explains Engadget.

To fill in “a review on a website, a PDF form like a rental application for an apartment, or a web app installed on your Chromebook, simply right click to get suggestions or change the tone to fit your audience,” or generate text from scratch, Google explains in a blog post that details the new Chromebook Plus Gemini AI features.

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