Survey Shows Netflix Subscribers Want Ability to View Offline

Netflix indicated recently that it is considering offering its subscribers the ability to download content and watch it offline. But, in an era in which Wi-Fi and 4G are everywhere, the question is: Is it necessary? How many subscribers think they would actually download content? And, if so, when do subscribers think they would watch downloaded videos? Since its 2007 introduction, Netflix has streamed videos (and mailed physical DVDs), an unchanged paradigm that has served it and its subscribers well.

To find out the answer to those questions, AllFlicks conducted a survey among its readers and learned that, yes indeed, Netflix subscribers rate the idea of being able to download videos as “important.” More specifically, the survey — based on 1,000 responses — revealed that, “two thirds of Netflix subscribers” endorse the idea, with one-quarter saying the feature would be “Very Important.” Thirty-four percent said downloading video would be “Not Important.”


The survey also asked how many people would actually use an offline viewing service, and 73 percent said they would, which clearly includes at least some of the people who deemed the feature “Not Important.” Only 16 percent said they would definitely not download video content for offline viewing.

Subscribers also listed numerous circumstances in which they would watch downloaded content, including air and car travel; camping; working out in the gym; public transportation and train travel.

“Many respondents had no trouble thinking of times they might use Netflix offline — which is good news for Netflix, if reports of them adding this functionality are true,” concludes AllFlicks.

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