IK Multimedia Showcases iRig Mic Field for Audio and Video

IK Multimedia is shipping its $100 iRig Mic Field — a tiny stereo condenser field microphone that faces two ways. The company says it is the first such ultra-compact solution for field recording on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The iRig Mic Field is an easy way to record high quality interviews or video. It features a rotatable enclosure that works in landscape or portrait mode, especially useful for video with Lightning connector equipped devices. Additionally, the iRig Recorder app is available on the iTunes Store.

IK Multimedia was demonstrating the device at CES in Las Vegas this week, where it earned the Best Mic award from Videomaker. The device includes 24-bit A/D converter, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate and a 115 dB maximum SPL rating. It is compatible with all Core iOS audio and video apps including Voice Memo and Camera, and Apple’s GarageBand and iMovie.


For serious use, it also includes an integrated headphone output for immediate real-time audio monitoring along with a multi-color LED indicator for quick level adjustment and monitoring. Its physical size allows it to be always hidden in a backpack for that hard to forecast opportunity and its sleek design makes it easy to pack.

“It lets you record video with crystal-clear audio to be shared on all your favorite video sites and services: YouTube, Facebook, Vine and more,” explains IK Multimedia. “It’s never been easier to shoot a video and share it with your friends, followers and fans. Now musicians, videographers, journalists, podcasters, casual users and more can get high-quality sound while on the go without sacrificing mobility or audio fidelity.”