ChargerLeash Demos Line of Smart Charging Cable at CES

ChargerLeash showed its smart charging cables at CES that sound off when you unplug your phone or tablet to remind you not to forget your charging device. They support a wide range of phones and tablets by measuring the specific high and low current states and alarm when they see the power use cease. Equipped with a sleep button for times that you want to leave the cable attached, it is easily possible to turn off the alarm with a simple touch. The company was promoting its Gen 2 Pro Series line.

While more expensive than a standard cable by a factor of two (priced at less than $40 for most devices), it might be just the thing to carry on trips when the trouble of finding a replacement cable would be worth more than the difference. And by minimizing the number cables adrift in the world, ChargerLeash is promoting its line as eco-friendly.


The New Jersey-based company unveiled its latest addition to the Gen 2 Pro Series line— a $35 2-in-1 Micro USB and Apple Lightning charging cable, which according to the company, “fits Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows-based smartphones and is compatible with most mobile devices including tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras and camcorders.”

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