Facebook Launches Android Version of Game Streaming Site

Facebook introduced its Fb.gg online gaming hub this summer, created to draw game streamers and their followers away from rival sites such as Amazon-owned Twitch. The hub — featuring videos based on games and streaming celebs that Facebook users follow, as well as Liked Pages and Groups — is going mobile with an Android launch, now in its beta testing stage. The Android version is expected to provide gamers who stream via Facebook Live a more prominent landing page for improved discovery.

“According to its description on Google Play, the app allows gamers and fans to discover a ‘universe of gaming content,’ connect with creators and join communities, and play instant games like ‘EverWing,’ ‘Words with Friends,’ ‘Basketball FRVR’ and others,” reports TechCrunch.

The app, which launched October 9, is initially popular with fans of the bottle royale game “Fortnite.” The app’s navigation helps users find streamers, jump into games, and join conversations with other fans during gameplay.

Earlier this year, “Facebook launched its own version of Twitch’s Partner Program with its own ‘gaming creator pilot program,’ which is designed to lure streamers away from Twitch and YouTube’s more popular gaming hubs with tipping-style monetization options and at lest the promise of bigger reach,” explains The Verge.

Twitch is the early leader in the game streaming space, while YouTube remains the go-to service for pre-recorded video. However, Facebook is aiming to become a popular platform for both arenas.

“But, like YouTube,” notes The Verge, “Facebook is mainly gunning for Twitch’s live audience. That’s primarily because the built-in audience for live, gaming-centric content is massive and skews younger, and younger audiences are more valuable to advertisers. Also, there is inherent value to real-time audience reach and the knowledge that viewers are collectively experiencing the same thing at the same time. It’s Twitch’s live platform that helps it — alongside the predominantly gaming-focused content it features — rival live television and sports.”