zSpace to Show Windows Laptop for AR/VR Viewing at CES

At CES 2019 next month, Innovation Award honoree zSpace will show a portable Windows PC laptop that is focused on “spatial content,” allowing users to interact with augmented reality and virtual reality content. Based in Sunnyvale, zSpace’s creators claim it is the first portable Windows PC that “breaks the screen barrier” between users and AR/VR, and tout its ability to foster creativity and collaboration in a flexible, immersive environment. It features patented 3D screen technology and lightweight glasses.

VentureBeat reports that zSpace “doesn’t hinder spatial awareness or block peripheral vision,” and can act as a traditional Windows 10 PC when it’s not being used for AR/VR.

“The computing experience has mostly remained unchanged since the introduction of the mouse and touchscreen in the 1980s,” said zSpace chief executive Paul Kellenberger. “With zSpace technology, we are totally reinventing the capabilities of personal computers by eliminating the barrier between our eyes and the content we interact with, allowing for complete immersion in games and incredibly interactive apps for education, e-commerce, enterprise, and more.”

The zSpace laptop, in addition to circular polarized glasses that are designed to enable depth perception, comes with a “stylus boasting six degrees of freedom that allows users to pick up items on the screen and move them naturally in 3D space,” notes VentureBeat. These combine with “the laptop’s built-in tracking sensors [to] allow the zSpace technology to track head and hand movements and dynamically correct the viewing perspective in full HD.”

The laptop includes an “Advanced Micro Devices APU A9-9420 (which combines a central processing unit and a graphics processing unit in a single chip), 8GB of DDR4 main memory; a 256GB SSD storage device, wireless networking, and a 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 full HD screen.”

Currently, “more than 1,000 school districts, technical centers, medical schools, and universities rely on zSpace.” The company, which has 200 employees, has raised a total of $56.6 million and reported it has “more than 40 patents.”

AMD corporate vice president/general manager of embedded solutions Kevin Lensing noted that, “with AMD’s strong x86 processor and graphics technology and the ability to combine them on a compact system on a chip design, zSpace was able to turn its unique laptop dreams into reality.”

At CES 2019, the zSpace laptop will be on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase. It can be purchased “directly from zSpace, through convenience contracts and RFPs, or via numerous sales channel partners.”

The zSpace press release can be found here.

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