AT&T Plans to Introduce New Sports-Free Streaming Service

AT&T chief exec Randall Stephenson announced last Thursday that the company plans to introduce the AT&T Watch live TV service in the coming weeks. The streaming service will offer a sports-free, skinny bundle of channels to general consumers for $15-per-month and for free to AT&T Wireless subscribers. “At this price point,” explains TechCrunch, “the service would be one of the lowest on the market — less than Sling TV’s entry-level, $20-per-month package, and just a bit less than Philo’s low-cost, sports-free offering, priced at $16 per month.”

AT&T Watch is the most recent streaming product to be offered by the company. “AT&T rolled out free HBO access for subscribers of its Unlimited Plus plan in April 2017, and opened up the offering to subscribers of its second-tier Unlimited Choice plan in September 2017,” reports Business Insider. “AT&T also offers its unlimited subscribers a discount for its DirecTV Now service.”


While “the addition of AT&T Watch would make AT&T Wireless one of the most video-package-heavy carriers in the U.S. mobile market,” notes BI, the company is not alone in its video pursuits.

Sprint now offers free Hulu to its unlimited subscribers, and T-Mobile offers free Netflix to subscribers via its “Netflix On Us” program. Meanwhile, “Verizon offers one year of free Netflix to subscribers of its FiOS Triple Play package and is expected to launch a new OTT service this year,” reports BI.