Twitch Debuts Mobile App Updates Including Cam Streaming

Amazon-owned Twitch updated both its iOS and Android apps with a new navigation bar, interface options, recommendation algorithm and mobile streaming. The features will make it easier to use the camera for selfie-style videos and likely result in more content on the platform. Although Twitch has been focused on live gaming-related video — with a total market worth $4.6 billion — it has begun to include non-gaming content as part of Twitch IRL. Twitch also opened subscriptions to affiliates that don’t have as many viewers as a Twitch Partner.

VentureBeat reports that Twitch product director Tom Robertson says the app has “surpassed 83 million installs across all platforms.”


“With this redesign we’re ensuring that our amazing creators — who are the reason this community exists — are more discoverable than ever, both to their existing fans and those who have yet to find them,” he said, also pointing out that, “this update is about improving discoverability for creators.”

The Twitch app now integrates an algorithm, Pulse, that recommends content. Users can “also get an instant playlist of videos at any time by pulling down on the top of the screen.”

“Not only will our creators reach a new audience through the app itself,” said Robertson. “The launch of mobile streaming gives them the opportunity to offer new content to their fans. We can’t wait to see what they create.”

Twitch’s iOS app is getting additional upgrades, including a “new navigation bar [that] instantly takes you to the Live, Pulse, or Browse sections at the push of a button,” and the ability to swipe on the screen to “select videos, go back, and more, which is important for one-handed operation.” The user can also choose a  “dark mode” theme “that turns the bright-white elements of Twitch’s UI darker for viewing that is easier on the eyes in the evening.”