Threads Lets Users Delete Accounts Separate from Instagram

Threads, the Twitter competitor launched in July by Meta Platforms to record-breaking numbers, has added features that make it easier for users to separate their Threads feeds from Instagram and Facebook. Users can now delete their Threads accounts separate from Instagram, something that previously confounded users. Because those signing up for Threads were required to do so either from their existing or a new Instagram account, the two were entwined. Instagram/Threads CEO Adam Mosseri also announced that propagation of Threads posts to Instagram and Facebook can now be turned off, to keep discussions separate.

“We’re rolling out a way for you to delete your Threads profile separately from your Instagram account,” Mosseri posted on Threads, explaining  how to do so. “Second, we recently introduced a feature that makes it easy for people to see Threads posts directly on Facebook and Instagram, to help expand your audience and grow your reach.”

“We heard feedback that you want more control over the experience, so we’re rolling out a way to opt out,” Mosseri continued.

“This new ability to delete just your Threads profile addresses an early complaint with the app, which currently requires that you sign up with an Instagram account,” The Verge writes, noting that “shortly after the app’s launch, Mosseri said the company was ‘looking into’ a way to be able to delete a Threads account on its own.” And you won’t have to permanently delete your Threads profile, it can be temporarily deactivated.

Likewise, the decision to auto propagate cross-posts to Facebook and Instagram left many Threads users “angry,” according to TechCrunch, which says “their audience on Threads was quite different from the real-life friends and family they connected with on Facebook and Instagram.”

TechCrunch calls cross-platform leveraging “an old playbook for Meta,” which it says used the tactic to drive growth for Reels and Messenger.

In July, as disaffected Twitter users sought other options, it was reported that Threads broke the U.S. app launch record with more than 100 million users signing up in the first five days (breaking ChatGPT’s record of 100 million users in 2 months).

Although there was some fall-off, The Verge reports that “Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last month that Threads has almost 100 million monthly users” and there is “evidence of some other new features that may be coming to the app, including hashtags and DMs” (though the outlet’s wish list also includes “the promised support for ActivityPub”).

Meanwhile, Social Media Today reports that Instagram is testing updates that will allow “more private sharing” that lets users “interact in smaller groups.” These include inbox Notes that can now include photos, audio clips, stickers and GIFs.

Instagram Brings Close Friends Feature to the Main Feed, TechCrunch, 11/14/23

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