Focus on Personalization: The Netflix Vision for Internet TV

Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer, announced several of Netflix’s predictions for the future of TV at New York City’s Internet Week conference. He said the company is perfecting its personalization technology so that Netflix will know exactly what you want to watch, and will give you one or two suggestions rather than an endless grid of movies and shows. The vision also includes elimination of the commercial, more smart TVs, and maybe even live sports on Netflix.

According to Wired, “Netflix is now devoting as much time and energy to building out that personalization technology as the company put into building the infrastructure for delivering that content in the first place.”

The recommendation engine will be like a TV channel that is perfectly attuned to your viewing interests.

This personalization will allow Hollywood filmmakers to have more creative freedom because they can find their specialized audiences through Netflix. Hunt pointed to shows and films that have already found success through Netflix that might not have been otherwise possible. “The Square,” a documentary about Arab Spring uprisings, is one such example.

Additionally, television shows will no longer need to be constrained to an hour-long slot with commercial breaks. Hunt also believes that Netflix will stay ad-free in the coming years.

Hunt predicts that everyone will own a smart TV connected to the Internet by the year 2025. Netflix will have to battle cable companies, tech giants such as Google and Apple, Internet TV providers such as Amazon and Hulu, and even television manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung, which are expanding into the Internet TV field.

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