World Cinema Foundation Unveils Restored Films on Hulu Plus

Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation (WCF) has been restoring rare films since 2007. The public will benefit from these efforts when eight of the rescued films will be made available for the first time in the U.S. on Hulu, in a partnership with the Criterion Collection. The films will initially be offered for free with ads. After August 24, commercial-free WCF movies (and more than 800 Criterion titles) will be available only to paying Hulu Plus subscribers.

“Like the WCF, Criterion is a group that collects and restores historic and influential films. But Criterion sells its collection on disc and online, and streams exclusively on Hulu,” reports The Verge. “The first WCF movie to make to Hulu is ‘The Housemaid’ from South Korea and it’s available for streaming now.”

According to the article: “In the coming days, Criterion will add Senegal’s ‘Touki Bouki,’ Turkey’s ‘Law of the Border’ and ‘Dry Summer,’ Morocco’s ‘Trances,’ India and Bangladesh’s ‘A River Called Titas,’ Kazakhstan’s ‘Revenge,’ and Mexico’s ‘Redes’ from the WCF’s vaults to Hulu.”

“So far we’ve restored more than 15 feature films and two short films from 15 countries,” explains Scorsese in a brief video introduction on the Criterion site. “And I’m really happy to say that starting this summer, eight of these pictures — some of them pretty hard to find until now — are going to be available to millions of people to watch as part of the Criterion Collection on Hulu Plus. So, look for the World Cinema Foundation on Hulu Plus… because you have some discoveries in store.”