Glass Updates Hint at Monetizing Opportunities for Google

Google recently released a software update for its Glass device. It is a preview that suggests how Google plans to monetize its wearable technology. The update now allows backwards swiping on Glass’ side touchpad and voice command control. These updates give users more information options, along with its contextual search service, Google Now, to make restaurant reservations, book hotels, order concert tickets and find nearby movies.

The additional options further integrate the wearable technology with Google Now, the personal digital assistant that offers contextual, personalized search based on data and location of the user.

Google will be able to monetize these two with suggestions on events, dining, or nearby shows that may be of interest to the wearer, reports VentureBeat. Google Now can also make dinner reservations, flight arrangements, hotel bookings and more.

The update added these as new Google Now cards, which are search-based categories. Information from the new cards are taken from Gmail, nearby attractions and public alerts.

The Glass update brings a new video player with simple touch controls and a new voice command that users can use Glassware app versions of Evernote to take notes, or Path to share updates. It also includes new contextual voice commands, voice captioning for photos and video, and improves SMS support.

“Google has dropped a whole slew of new features in a Glass update, and it really does look like it’s moving forward with making this a more generally usable product,” notes TechCruch. “All the updates so far have focused on features that will either make the experience of using Glass more natural, or make Glass more feature-rich for everyday activities.”

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