Technicolor Ultra HD Set-Top Box Supports High Frame Rate

Earlier this week, Technicolor revealed a prototype of its new Ultra HD set-top box that will allow viewers to watch TV in 4K resolution and at high frame rates twice as fast as typical 30 fps set-tops. Targeted for cable and satellite services, it is is the industry’s first high frame rate 4K STB. Technicolor, which is hoping to start rolling out the first Ultra HD boxes in about a year, is showcasing its family of STBs at this week’s National Cable & Telecommunications conference in Los Angeles.

The Ultra HD set-top box will use the ViXS XCode 6400 System on a Chip (SoC). “With ViXS’ XCode 6400 family powering broadcast distribution equipment and STBs, content owners and service providers can now deliver unprecedented video clarity and color to consumers worldwide for breath-taking UHD 4K content,” suggests the press release.

Not only will Technicolor’s new Ultra HD products be able to display 10-bit broadcast content at higher speeds and resolution, it will also support multi-screen and multi-room options for consumers. Technicolor will offer support for global cable and satellite front ends.

In addition to the set-top, Technicolor also unveiled its new high dynamic range system (HDR) which will widen the range of images that a display can produce. Hollywood filmmakers will be able to use the new HDR to produce films with a wider array of the dark and bright images.

“Technicolor is working on a system that would touch everything from production through display,” writes Carolyn Giardina for The Hollywood Reporter. Dolby, Philips, and the BBC are also developing their own HDR formats.

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