Study Shows Consumers Worldwide Are Warming to AR, VR

According to new research released at CES this week, consumers are warming to the idea of virtual and augmented reality, but their interests are more focused on practical daily applications than gaming. Harris Interactive conducted a study for Accenture across 19 countries and learned that 47 percent of online consumers would be interested in using AR or VR headsets to play games, while percentages jumped into the 50s and 60s regarding consumers interested in learning about travel and new skills, visualizing how clothing would fit, and shopping for household items and furniture.

According to the study, 67 percent of consumers would be interested in using AR or VR to learn about a place they are visiting, 67 percent would be interested in learning new skills or techniques, 61 percent would like to see how clothes might fit, 58 percent would use AR or VR to access 3D manuals, and 54 percent would consider the technology for shopping for household items and furniture.


“Consumers also appear to be attracted to wearable solutions,” reports MediaPost. “The majority (55 percent) of consumers said they would like to replace their smartphone with a wearable solution that has all smartphone functions via voice, augmented reality and hologram interfaces.”

Accenture reports that key findings of its 2018 Digital Consumer Survey include:

  • Standalone digital voice assistants (DVAs) are leading the evolution toward blended digital and physical experiences.
  • Interest in connected experiences extends to self-driving vehicles.
  • Consumers want more than fun from augmented and virtual reality.
  • Consumers are in search of simplified, flexible and engaging over-the-top (OTT) video experiences.

Check out the infographic for more specific findings.