Samson Reveals Tiny Solution for Smartphone Audio at CES

While smartphones have massively shrunk the size of a credible video camera, sound has lagged behind until now. At CES 2017, New York-based Samson Technologies introduced its soon-to-be-released Go Mic Mobile system, featuring an absolutely tiny onboard professional two-channel wireless microphone receiver that attaches to a smartphone and operates the 2.4GHx band with 100 feet of operable range. It automatically selects the clearest operating channel with uncompressed, low latency audio transmission to avoid audio sync issues.

Go Mic Mobile also features digital and analog audio output, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, along with mixed mono or split stereo and a volume control.


Designed primarily for mobile media production, the system pairs with three models of the company’s microphones: a handheld, a lavalier with beltpack, and a shotgun. The units will be on the market soon with an included microphone of one type and the possibility of adding a second mic. Expect the MSRP to be under $250 for the initial package.

Additional features:

  • Signal to Noise, 90dB (A) with mic at minimum gain, 78dB (A) at maximum gain
  • Dual-channel receiver mounts directly to smartphones, or cameras via included shoe mount adapter
  • Plugs directly into iPhone and other iOS devices via included micro USB to Lightning cable
  • Plugs directly into Android devices via USB to micro USB or micro USB to USB Type-C cables
  • Frequency response of 10Hz–22kHz
  • Switchable 1/8-inch headphone/line and USB audio outputs with volume control
  • Up to three simultaneous systems (six total transmitters)
  • USB charge cable, 3.5mm audio cable and power adapter also included