Report: Copyright Alert System Distributes 1.3 Million Notices

The Center for Copyright Information released official figures on Wednesday regarding the first 10 months of the anti-piracy program initiated by movie studios, record companies and Internet providers. The group reports that it has forwarded 1.3 million copyright alerts thus far to consumers that have been accessing infringing media content. The voluntary industry agreement was designed to educate consumers and curb online copyright infringement.

“The Copyright Alerts are sent to consumers in a ‘tiered system,’ in which the initial notices are designed to inform or even educate users about the presence of infringing material,” reports Variety. “But if a consumer continues to access pirated movies, TV shows or music, ignoring the alerts, they may face penalties after the fifth or sixth warning that includes having their service slowed.”

“The center said that less than 3 percent of alerts were sent out to give those final warnings — what the organization called the ‘final mitigation stage.’ Some 70 percent of alerts were for the ‘initial education stages.'”

“Our initial research into consumer attitudes, along with what we have seen in our own data, shows that consumers do respond to this kind of educational system that alerts them to infringing activity on their account and helps them find the content they want easily and legally,” said Jill Lesser, executive director of the Center for Copyright Information.

“More than 2 million notices of alleged infringement were sent to ISPs from the monitoring service in 2013, according to the report, and of those, 1.3 million Copyright Alerts were sent to subscriber accounts,” explains Variety. “ISPs sent out 722,820 initial alerts, after which the numbers declined significantly. They sent out 214,654 second alerts, 165,065 third alerts, 94,599 fourth alerts, 60,477 fifth alerts and 37,456 sixth alerts.”

The Copyright Alert System, launched in February 2013, was established by studios, record companies and Internet providers, including AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. The full report in PDF format is available online.

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