QuizUp Social Trivia App Draws More Than Twelve Million Users

Icelandic startup Plain Vanilla Games announced that the recently released Android version of its QuizUp trivia app drew one million downloads in the week after its launch, and is now averaging about 100,000 new registered users per day. The iOS version launched four months earlier and has attracted more than 10 million users. QuizUp pits users against friends and strangers worldwide, testing general knowledge across topics such as sports, TV, movies, music, books, science, geography and history.

The free app, which claims a total of 12.5 million registered users across iOS and Android, now features more than 220,000 questions.

“‘Play Now’ puts you up against a random play, whereas ‘Challenge’ lets you target specific users — i.e. your friends,” reports The Next Web. “It also includes one-to-one messaging, discussion boards, and localized leaderboards by city, state and country.”

QuizUp features more than 400 topics and allows users to connect to their account via Facebook and Twitter. Games are divided into seven rounds, and players are rewarded more points for the faster they answer.

“Part of what makes QuizUp so addicting is that you’re never really out until it’s over; I’ve trailed in plenty of games only to wind up victorious after a last-minute comeback,” notes Chris Welch for The Verge. “And QuizUp tracks your performance to an obsessive degree; you’re able to review every game you’ve ever played and even see which questions were asked.”

“Gaming is a natural way for people to connect — people like to play games together, challenge each other, and learn more about one another,” said Thor Fridriksson, founder and CEO of Plain Vanilla Games. “Through interest-based games like trivia, players are enjoying the game while also connecting with a friend or a fellow-fan without even knowing it. Our goal with QuizUp was to bring trivia fans the biggest, most addictive, trivia game that ever existed, with categories that span the interest spectrum.”

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