Millennials Regularly Use Variety of Apps for Digital Services

According to a new study from measurement firm Nielsen, the lack of brand loyalty among 18- to 34-year-olds is reflected in their consumption of digital services such as communication apps and streaming music. Perhaps not surprisingly, Nielsen found that the demographic consumes a great deal of digital media but tends to use multiple services across categories, rather than focus on one service for a specific segment. For example, while only 39 percent of consumers over 35 use two or more apps to stream music, almost 60 percent of millennials will commonly do so on a regular basis.

Millennials also consume music differently than other age groups, suggests the study. “These younger users are 21 percent more likely to choose songs to play on demand, instead of streaming music without making changes,” notes TechCrunch.


“That speaks to why apps like Spotify have seen greater adoption in recent years, forcing older music streaming services like Pandora to shift into on-demand listening in order to catch up with where the market is headed.”

The study found that consumers 35 and older were more likely to remain loyal to an individual app or service, while the younger demo is driving the success of podcasts and listening to more traditional AM/FM radio on a weekly basis.

Nielsen determined that millennials’ multi-app approach extends to their use of communication services; for example, 70 percent use two or more messaging apps, as compared to only 42 percent of those over 35 who do the same.

Millennials are also more likely to use such apps for photo-sharing, sending videos and group chats.

“This is one of the larger differences between younger users and older users,” adds TechCrunch. “The 35-plus crowd prefers plain text messages to communicate, while their younger counterparts have since moved on.”

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