Microsoft Confirms the Debut of $299 Xbox Series S Console

Following a series of leaks, Microsoft has now confirmed the existence of another new game console, the Xbox Series S, which it dubs the smallest Xbox ever (60 percent smaller than the Series X). The company said the “slim, white console” will debut “soon,” provide “next-gen performance” and be priced at $299. Reports suggest that Series S and Series X will be available for purchase on November 10 and hint that many Series S features are similar to those of Series X, but with less disc drive and less powerful CPU and GPU. Microsoft stated that the Xbox Series X “will be four times more powerful than its predecessor, the Xbox One X.”

Engadget reports that, “a key feature of the design is what appears to be an enormous vent — which is slightly larger than the size of a disc … [and that] it’s a fair guess that a similarly enormous fan sits below to cool the console’s components.” Based on images, the Series S appears to be “around a third of the volume of the Series X, making it easier to position alongside other consoles and electronics in an entertainment center.”

Also leaked is that, “the Series S will likely be offered as part of a $25-per-month Xbox All Access financing option, making [it] more attractive in global markets.” In comparison, the Series X “will reportedly cost $499 and be made available via a $35-per-month Xbox All Access financing option.”

A leaked promotional video revealed that, “the Series S will target 1440p gaming at ‘up to 120fps’ … [and will offer] ray tracing, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate and ultra-low latency support.” One downside, however, is that the SSD will only offer 512GB of storage; “while not confirmed for Series S, the Series X has a custom port at the back of the system for expanding storage, and it’s likely Microsoft’s cheaper console will similarly allow for external storage upgrades.”

CNBC reports that this is “the first time either of the major console manufacturers have disclosed any pricing details for their upcoming devices.” The Xbox Series X will compete “head-to-head with Sony’s PlayStation 5, or PS5, with both consoles expected to hit shelves ahead of the holidays.”

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