Microsoft and Sony Announce Game Console Sales Figures

Sony and Microsoft have shipped more than 12 million new game consoles since the products launched last fall. One day after Sony announced it has sold more than seven million PlayStation 4 consoles (up one million since March), Microsoft said it has sold more than five million Xbox One units to retail shops. According to NPD Group’s U.S. retail data for March, hardware sales rose 78 percent from the previous year to $395 million, while sales of new console and PC video games in retail stores dropped 28 percent to $432 million.

According to SuperData Research, revenue from subscriptions to multiplayer Internet connected games fell 19 percent, but revenue from games that are initially free to play climbed 9.4 percent. Additionally, more gamers are buying and downloading titles over the Internet. Games sold and delivered over the Internet for consoles and PCs increased nearly 21 percent.

“Sony has released sales to consumers, while Microsoft in January said it would thereafter only release sales to retailers that carry the console,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Despite the difference in methodologies, the statements from the companies reinforce Sony’s apparent lead over Microsoft since they released their new consoles in November.”

“The new generation is off to a strong start, with global Xbox One sales outpacing Xbox 360 by more than 60 percent at the same point in time,” said Yusuf Mehdi, head of the Xbox division’s marketing, strategy and business.

Meanwhile, Sony said it has sold more than 20.5 million titles for the PlayStation 4. “Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said in prepared remarks that the company is ‘truly humbled’ by the consumer response,” explains WSJ in a related article. “He noted that the company is ‘still facing difficulties’ keeping up with demand, but remains ‘steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers.'”