Livestream Adds Real-Time Broadcasting for GoPro Cameras

The updated Livestream iOS app gives GoPro users the ability to share their videos of extreme sports and other rugged adventures in real time. The app connects the iPhone to GoPro’s Wi-Fi network and then uses the phone’s 4G network to live-stream video from the camera. Other new features include live video filters, snapshot posts, and a live chat function. The GoPro camera support will likely continue to increase the popularity of online live streaming, which has risen over the past year.

GoPro_Hero-300x187Livestream added GoPro camera support in response to popular demand. “We’ve received hundreds of requests to add this kind of capability,” said Livestream CEO Max Haot. “People try to hack it and live-stream GoPro to a computer, but obviously a computer is not an appropriate thing to carry in an action sport.”

“The number of times somebody broadcasts live on Livestream every month has risen more than 70 percent versus a year earlier,” reports CNET.

Factors such as improved video capabilities on today’s devices and the increasing availability of high-speed mobile networks are behind the rise in live broadcasting. Live streaming has now become important in everything from major sporting events to the Ferguson riots to cat videos.

Livestream did not work directly with GoPro to develop the new feature, but the app can live-stream from all previous versions of GoPro cameras. The company has not confirmed whether the live stream feature will work with the new GoPro Hero4 camera, which was unveiled last week.

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