Google May Intro New Pixel-Branded Phones, 4K Chromecast

On October 4 in San Francisco, Google will likely reveal new Pixel-branded smartphones, the Pixel and larger Pixel XL. Google manufactures the Pixel phones by itself rather than in collaboration with LG, Huawei or other partners. A teaser video for the event features a rotating group of photos shown in a phone-shaped format. In addition, Google may also use the event to debut Google 4K Chromecast, go into more details about Google Home and reveal more specific plans for its upcoming Daydream VR headset.

TechCrunch reports that the teaser, which can be seen here, reinforces what have been, up until now, rumors about the Pixel phones. It also reports that Android Police states that, “Google will do away with the Nexus brand.” At last year’s event, Google also showed off the Pixel C tablet, leading it to wonder if “maybe we’ll see a new Pixel C, too.”


Android Police reveals more details on the products to be introduced. “The 4K Chromecast will do 4K and be called either the Chromecast Plus or Chromecast Ultra (makes sense — ultra HD).” Both TechCrunch and Android Police note that Google had initially planned to release the 4K Chromecast last year, “but seems to have scuttled the launch for some reason.”

Other than that, says Android Police, little more is known: “We also still don’t know when the Pixel phones will go on sale or how much they’ll cost. The same goes for any of the hardware to be announced at the event.”