Field Trip Update Provides Virtual Tours via Google Glass

Google has released a new Google Glass version of its Field Trip app, which will act as a virtual tour guide based on a user’s location. The app alerts users to things and places of interest nearby, such as entertainment events and details on historical sites. The new update could be particularly useful for tourists, although they will have to walk around a city while wearing the Glass device. It has the potential to be used with ads and more Google services.

Field Trip was released late last year with an emphasis on accuracy, ease of use, customization and the app’s potential for providing targeted ads. But the real value may come from the fact that Glass will allow users to see Field Trip notices of things that the user is already looking at, instead of having to look at their device’s screen, according to MIT Technology Review.

“Cards from Field Trip appear, letting you know when you’ve encountered a place of interest, in the upper right corner of Glass, and you can have them read to you,” explains CNET. “They also let you peer into a building and do some rudimentary exploring before you commit to going inside.”

Other than Glass, Field Trip is not integrated with other Google services, but it may be in the future. “We may converge with Google Now at some point,” said John Hanke, head of Google’s Niantic, the quasi-independent shop that built Field Trip.

“The long-term vision is the real version of augmented reality, this deep knowledge of your environment without having to do any work,” Hanke continued.

The app is available for Android and iOS. A video demonstration of Field Trip on Glass can be found at the app’s website.