Facebook Debuts Cross-Platform Metrics Tools for Marketers

Advertisers will be able to improve their marketing campaigns with two new tools for measuring Facebook and TV metrics both separately and together. The new Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift, which will debut in 2018, and the Nielsen Total Brand Effect with Lift, already available in the U.S. and U.K., are particularly aimed at marketers moving from digital to cross-media advertising. The platform also allows Facebook to compete with Google’s Brand Lift for TV, which debuted a number of years ago.

The Drum reports that Facebook, which describes the new platform in this blog post, points to a recent SharkNinja campaign, measured by Nielsen Total Brand Effects and Lift.


“We proved that Facebook video ads are a natural complement to TV campaigns,” said SharkNinja vice president Ajay Kapoor. “We experienced better brand results among people who saw ads on both versus just TV or Facebook alone. We saw the ‘better together’ impact first-hand. Facebook and TV are powerful individually, but deliver a stronger message to our audience when used in tandem.”

BuzzFeed senior director of ad effectiveness Margo Arton said the company looks forward “to using cross-platform brand lift measurement to both receive valuable insights about our multi-media campaign performance in a single reporting surface, and also to optimize campaign elements such as spend and creative across both platforms.”

According to Marketing Land, with Facebook Cross-Platform Brand Lift, “Facebook will survey people shown ads across Facebook, Instagram and its Audience Network ad network to see if they remember an ad and the corresponding brand,” and then compare Facebook’s “brand lift” with the brand’s TV campaigns, “measured in a similar way by TV ad analytics firm iSpot.”

Millward Brown and Nielsen, among others, already offer brand lift studies “for Facebook and non-Facebook campaigns.” But Facebook’s new tools add an important “opportunity-to-see” question: iSpot and Nielsen ask first if the person watched a specific TV show. “If a person answered ‘yes,’ then they would have had an opportunity to see the corresponding brand’s TV ad, and the TV ad’s brand lift can be measured with follow-up questions.”

This way, “iSpot and Nielsen are better able to qualify whether a person would or would not have seen a brand’s TV ad and solidify the TV side of an advertiser’s brand-lift results.”

Another “important difference when it comes to the Facebook’s upcoming brand-lift measurement program” is that the program “will be available to advertisers with lower spend minimums than those who qualify for third-party measurement” and “also offer brands a self-serve platform to configure their TV-and-Facebook brand-lift studies and view the results.”

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