Dailymotion Games Plans to Compete with YouTube and Twitch

French startup Dailymotion announced this week that it is launching a streaming site for the growing number of fans who enjoy watching video of live gaming, a move that would put the company in competition with Twitch, the leader in this emerging field. The move will also provide Dailymotion with another means of taking on its rival YouTube. Gaming video has grown increasingly popular due to new streaming services, the appeal of live professional gaming events, and the rise of massively multiplayer team-based games.

As a result, intense competition is developing to attract gaming fans.

Google has been allowing higher-quality uploads to YouTube, typically 60 fps, for improved viewing. The company recently hired an e-sports commentator to run its gaming division. It also pursued Twitch before Amazon bought it last year for nearly $1 billion.


“Even traditional console makers are getting in on the act,” reports The Wall Street Journal. “Sony’s PlayStation 4, for example, includes a ‘share’ button on the controller to snap gameplay clips and includes apps for watching live and recorded footage.”

Meanwhile, live gaming is experiencing a significant jump in popularity, as evidenced by professional championships selling out arenas and occasionally making it to cable television.

French telecom operator Orange has been looking to expand Dailymotion to become a stronger rival to YouTube, explains WSJ. Dailymotion’s gaming content already generates more than 180 million views per month. By increasing its investment in Dailymotion Games, currently in beta, the company hopes to draw more gaming fans.

The site will initially focus on live gaming, but plans to eventually include video-on-demand clips.

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