Value Providers Show Impressive 4K TVs at Reasonable Prices

The speed of CE technology adoption may be getting an impressive jolt in a potentially unprecedented reversal. From video screens developed as house brands and partnerships of glass and panel producers, we saw a surprising number of quality Ultra HD TV sets at CES scheduled for reasonable price points. Seiki and Polaroid both showcased sub-$1,000 4K TVs, while companies such as Vizio were promising “consumer-friendly” prices for 4K sets launching this year.

Vizio, perhaps the company getting the most press in this regard, says its 50-inch P-series UHD TV (below) will cost just $999. Its 70-inch model will be priced at $2,600.

Seiki intoduced 10 UHD screens from 28- to 65-inches at breakthrough prices. The 55-inch model, for example, sold at $850 in limited quantity at Walmart this past holiday season.

In the refreshed Polaroid booth, the company showed a 55-inch UHD screen that was priced at $999, planned for introduction soon.

The dynamic of next generation sets soon available at price points similar to current prices is unprecedented, which may prove vital to consumer adoption.

And while TVs may have been getting all the attention at CES, there were also a number of reasonably priced 4K displays on the show floor. Lenovo’s 28-inch ThinkVision Pro2840m, targeting the professional market, will sell for $799 starting in April. ASUS and Seiki also have 28-inch displays in the same price range, expected to launch this year. And Dell has a $699 monitor of the same size, expected to hit shelves the end of this month.