Samsung Readies Launch of its New Galaxy Note Smartphone

Samsung will roll out the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note7, a new version of its larger sized Galaxy Note, on August 19. The new phone features an iris scanner that identifies users based on their eye patterns, a “secret folder” that hides owner data from people who might use the device, and a stylus with a finer point that feels more like pen on paper. Samsung also added water resistance, expandable memory, a curved screen in a metallic housing, a next-gen USB Type-C port, and a camera flush with the rest of the housing. The AMOLED display is capable of playing HDR video.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. version of the Galaxy Note7 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. It will also come with an updated Gear VR headset. Samsung asserts that, whereas other smartphone manufacturers have offered iris scanners in some countries, the Galaxy Note7 is the first to do so globally. The iris scanner has some limitations: it won’t work with sunglasses or in some bright-light settings.


By releasing in August, the company hopes to build momentum for its new smartphone before Apple debuts its new iPhone in the fall, “crucial for Samsung’s turnaround plans as it seeks to revive its mobile-phone business after two difficult years of falling profits and market-share losses.”

WSJ also points out that “for all the focus on the hardware … the smartphone is just as much about software and services,” which are so important to the enterprise market.

“Part of our strategy is about selling business solutions and outcomes,” explains Samsung executive Kevin Gilroy. “The devices get dragged along by the solutions. That is the fundamental shift.”

Gilroy, who was brought on to “reorient” Samsung’s enterprise efforts, leads a team of 400 people. Enterprise is now constructed on 19 verticals, “six or seven of which have been rolled out so far,” including health. Gilroy notes that partnerships are “key to the development of offerings within the verticals,” and that the market for phones and tablets will persist.

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