QPlay TV Streamer from TiVo Co-Founders Expected to Debut

InVisioneer, the company created by TiVo co-founders Michael Ramsay and Jim Barton, is reportedly planning to release its anticipated QPlay video streamer very soon. While official plans have yet to be announced, an early adopter beta test is expected, based on a recently posted demo video and related documents online, including the company’s terms of service and privacy policy. The streaming box, about the size of an external hard drive, connects to a TV and is controlled via an iPad app.

“The demo video, which appeared on a subsection of QPlay’s website a few days ago, shows us how QPlay is going to work, as well as how the company is going to pitch the product: At the center of the offering is a red TV streaming box that looks a bit like an external hard drive, and connects via HDMI to a consumer’s TV,” reports GigaOM. “QPlay comes without a remote control instead using a dedicated iPad app that the company has been testing for some time.”

QPlay users can use the app for playback from queues (much like playlists), which can also be shared with other users. The device streams directly from the Internet, enabling content to play after the iPad is shut off, similar to how Google’s $35 Chromecast works.

“We reported in December that QPlay was looking to also include premium video services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, but the absence from this video makes me think all of that may not be available at launch,” notes Janko Roettgers for GigaOM. “The video itself shows content from YouTube, Vimeo and Revision3 owner Discovery Digital.”

Editor’s Note: Roettgers listed several related links, including the demo video and the product’s pre-launch website. However, at press time the links are not working. ETCentric will provide updates as the sites become available.

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