MTV Launches Interactive Online Game to Promote ‘Scream’

As part of its social media push for the upcoming series “Scream,” based on the popular horror film franchise, MTV has created an interactive online game. In a unique promotional campaign, “Choose Your Own Murder” invites participants to enter their own horror movie scenario and try to escape a killer. Users are given options as the story unfolds and brief time limits to quickly make decisions that steer the action. Once murdered, users then have the option of playing the game again or sharing via social media. The series is slated to debut June 30.

“It really feels like you’re making choices that are influencing a seamless piece of video content,” said Jack Daley, VP of digital content strategy and production for MTV.


The game is part of a larger social media effort by MTV to promote its highest-profile summer series. “Last October, MTV used its Twitter and Snapchat accounts to direct fans to call a phone number that announced” the series, reports Adweek. “In May, MTV shared its Killer Party promo, which featured stars from shows like ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Awkward’ and ‘Faking It’ all ‘murdered’ after attending the worst party ever.”

MTV partnered with production company Divide and Conquer on the game, while tech company Interlude created the choose-your-own-adventure-style elements.

“Choose Your Own Murder” was also born out of necessity, since it was important not to reveal any spoilers regarding the “Scream” characters.

“When we look at digital and social, we think, are there ways to create experiences that we think fit the thematic tone of the franchise but also take advantage of what those platforms do well beyond just highlighting video content to create an experience that people are going to want to spend time with and share?” said Daley. “We wanted something that’s interactive and replayable, but it doesn’t feel like you have to spend 45 minutes to do it.”

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