Maker Select Enables the Purchasing of Ad Space on YouTube

During its NewFront presentation in New York this week, Disney-owned Maker Studios announced Maker Select, which will allow advertisers to buy ad space on Maker’s 55,000 YouTube channels in addition to all other YouTube channels. Maker Select will incorporate Maker’s audience data with data from YouTube, Nielsen, social networks and additional sources. Advertisers can target ads based on content type, brand compatibility and audience makeup. The new offering comes from a partnership with Web video analytics firm OpenSlate.

“Maker President Ynon Kreiz said in an interview that the partnership is ‘revolutionary’ in that it can potentially open up a huge pool of ad inventory for Web video buyers beyond Maker’s own stable,” reports The Wall Street Journal.


“Maker will be able to offer these advertisers audience guarantees using Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings data,” notes the article. “That data could help some advertisers compare potential Maker Select campaigns with TV campaigns.”

“It gives the TV buyers more confidence to spend big dollars,” said OpenSlate CEO Mike Henry. “And for Maker, they aren’t just focused on their slice of the pie anymore.”

Kreiz indicated that Maker Select is not a competitor to YouTube’s ad product, Google Preferred, but should be considered complementary to it.

Maker also announced new projects, including a late-night talk show hosted by YouTube star Taryn Southern, and scripted content such as “Party Girl” and “This is Why You’re Single.”