Looking Glass Debuts Two New Headset-Free Spatial Displays

Looking Glass has launched a new 32-inch, glasses-free spatial display and an OLED version of its 16-inch model. The screens come in both landscape and portrait orientations and are aimed at XR professionals requiring visualization for 3D digital images, video and applications in real time. The 3D displays broadcast 45-100 views for what the company says is an uncompromised group-view experience. Sensors for touchless gesture control are available and the devices support a wide variety of software, including plugins for Unity, Unreal, Blender and WebXR. The 16-inch OLED lists for $4,000 but is offered at $3,000 for a limited time.

Looking Glass — which has offices in Brooklyn and Hong Kong — says to contact the company for information on pricing for the 32-inch display (shown below in both orientations).

Looking Glass co-founder and CEO Shawn Frayne says many industries are using the group-viewable spatial displays: “Museums bringing artifacts back to life. Marketers creating magical, immersive brand moments. Medical students learning hands-on with realistic anatomy.”

“Everywhere, companies are creating a new generation of XR experiences using Looking Glass displays and the new 16-inch and 32-inch displays will only enhance their ability to do that,” Frayne explained in a blog post.

A 3D model importer and an SDK for developing custom 3D/holographic content are also available.

“The introduction of the new spatial displays complements the previously announced Looking Glass Go, targeting different segments of the market,” writes VentureBeat. “Looking Glass Go focuses on transforming 2D photos into 3D memories.”

The two new products join “the handheld consumer display Looking Glass Go on the small end and the massive 65-inch, 8K version at the top-end,” writes PetaPixel, noting the company indicates it “is likely to iterate on these size options rather than release others.”

Looking Glass VP of Customer Experience Nikki Chan says the new products join a lineup of “cool hardware and software” in the emerging field of spatial displays, including Apple’s new Vision Pro. “We’re continuing down the unencumbered path here,” Chan wrote in a blog entry, referencing the fact that Looking Glass is headset-free.

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