Japanese Companies Developing Technology for VR Broadcasts

Japanese telecom giant NTT and video network NicoNico Douga have co-developed a 360-degree broadcast video system designed to replicate live events such as concerts. The “interactive” system is expected to connect to existing head-mounted displays, so that viewers will enjoy some degree of personalized viewing. Through the collaboration, live video content recorded in Tokyo has been developed alongside broadcast tech intended to optimize both the video and audio quality.

Next3D had “slightly similar plans to deliver immersive video through the Oculus Rift,” notes Engadget.

“Users can move their HMD around to shift their view, and the cloud processes and machinations aim to maximize stream quality for where (and on what) you’re viewing, ‘as if you’re really there,'” explains the post. “The system will aim to strike a balance between broadcasting both a stable stream and a high-quality one, with mobile users staying connected, while PC users on less dense networks get a better stream.”

The service is currently being tested to determine whether its effectiveness warrants further development.

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