Gamescom 2013: Twitch Live Streaming on Xbox One and PS4

During the Gamescom conference in Germany this week, Sony announced that the Twitch videogame broadcasting community will be integrated into its PlayStation 4 game console when it launches this fall. In June, Microsoft announced that the live streaming venture for gamers would be available on its Xbox One, leading many to speculate that Twitch would not end up on the PS4. Twitch allows gamers to live stream, share and chat about their playing experiences.

“The PlayStation 4′s new controller will include a ‘share’ button that will let users broadcast their gameplay directly to Twitch channels,” reports Variety. “Through the device, users will also be able to watch content streamed from other PS4 gamers for free.”

“Through this partnership we are paving the way for every PS4 gamer to become both a broadcaster and an avid spectator of amazing content,” says Twitch CEO Emmett Shear.

“Social capabilities are an integral part of PS4, so Twitch will play an important role in delivering a compelling connected experience to PlayStation fans,” adds Shuhi Yoshida, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.”

Streaming gameplay has developed a massive following via Twitch. The company touted 38 million unique viewers in July, while recorded 4.5 million unique viewers on a single day in August. Some tune in to pick up tips to help improve their own gaming. Others tune in to watch gamers compete against each other.

“Since launching in June 2011, Twitch’s broadcasting community has grown to more than 600,000 developers, media outlets, organizations, publishers and individual gamers streaming content each month,” notes Variety.

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