Fullscreen Launches Creator Platform for YouTube Producers

Digital media firm Fullscreen — which hosts more than 15,000 YouTube channels with 200 million subscribers and 2.5 billion monthly views — has launched a suite of apps designed to help content creators monetize videos through search engine optimization and partnership facilitation. The new Fullscreen Creator Platform also includes analytics tools for insight into audience behavior. In addition, Fullscreen has announced a free iOS app for tracking video performance from phones (Android coming soon).

“In order to use the tools, users have to be part of Fullscreen’s network,” explains GigaOM. “They can then access apps that, for example, allow them to schedule video publish times or choose from a library of licensed music. They will also get financial statements, analytics and statistics about viewership, traffic sources and sharing. In addition, the brands and media companies that work with Fullscreen will get more analytics features that allow them to compare their videos’ performance to that of competitors and discover trending content.”

According to the Fullscreen Blog, the suite includes apps such as Gorilla (“for creators to gain extra revenue”), FAM (“for creators to license music with ease”), SEO Tracker App (“to see how your videos rank in search according to keywords”) and the Trends App (to “understand the best day and time to upload videos as well as the ideal video length for maximum audience engagement”).

The Culver City-based company also offers detailed statistics and analytics, earnings reports down to the channel- and video-levels, and a Private Messaging interface designed for connecting with the Fullscreen community.

“We’re also excited to make the Fullscreen Creator Platform available to our brand and agency partners to help them fully harness the power of YouTube as a distribution and engagement platform,” writes SVP Jay Stakelon. “In addition to the Fullscreen Apps, we’ve launched a new set of features targeted at digital marketers that mine historical data and trends to enable competitive analysis and identify digital influencers.”

The Los Angeles Times writes: “The advent of YouTube gave people who produce videos a free way to distribute their content, but little to help them monetize their creations, said Fullscreen founder and Chief Executive George Strompolos. He previously worked at YouTube for more than five years, where he helped create its partners program.”

“We see the Creator Platform as mission control where we can help them power their business,” notes Strompolos. “We’ve really seen YouTube evolve as a fantastic platform for distribution. Billions of people use it every month, but such a small segment actually makes videos, and that’s where our focus lies.”

Fullscreen may eventually encourage third party developers to create new apps for the platform.

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