Facebook Plans to Compete with Twitter for TV Ad Business

At the Business Insider’s Ignition conference in New York this week, Facebook revealed more of its plans to develop social TV advertising products. Justin Osofsky, Facebook vice president of media partnerships, discussed deals with broadcast networks, which were initially announced along with hashtags and verified accounts back in September. The social platform is trying to prove it is just as valuable as Twitter in real-time TV discussions, if not more so.

If what Facebook claims proves to be true, Twitter could be in trouble as far as cornering the market. In Osofsky’s mind, Business Insider says, “Facebook needs to show its advertisers that social conversation on its site can drive its users to content, not only in real time, but to other TV-related content on mobile and desktop.”

Though Twitter has the advantage of being a more public forum, “many people are talking about television in closed-door conversations with their friends on Facebook,” explains BI. Meanwhile, Facebook is “working with brands to extend the viewing experience with additional content based around the second-screen conversation.”

“We’re in the early stages of measurement,” Osofsky said at the conference. “But I think we will prove that the conversation does drive real-time tune-in.” And not just real-time tuning in, but mobile and desktop consumption, as well.

“When 9 million people are talking about the Video Music Awards on Facebook and 10 million people are watching, you have a mainstream activity,” Osofsky said. “You have an audience on Facebook. The question is how you can make the experience better for advertisers.”

“Once Facebook finds the answer to that question, Twitter is going to have to do some serious thinking about what it can give its partners that Facebook can’t,” notes BI.

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