CES: Canon Intros Hybrid Meeting Software and VR Solution

Inspired by two years of challenging remote work environments due to COVID-19, Canon announced it is developing AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight), a hybrid meeting software solution enabled by its image processing technology. The company has also teamed with actor and producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his company HitRecord to show how this technology can help create a virtual, real-time writers’ room. At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Canon defined its offerings under the rubric “TogetherNext,” to demonstrate how interactive digital experiences connect people and cultures.

After Canon USA experienced the challenges of remote work, it focused on creating AMLOS, which was designed to be “single, simple and seamless while creating inclusion among members of a hybrid team, uniting them on a virtual and emotional level.”

Single refers to a single camera that enables multiple lines of sight. The system is simple in that it operates through intuitive gesture controls for in-office team members. Seamless connectivity is provided via Microsoft Teams and Azure. The system is compatible with Canon’s CR-N300 and CR-N500 PTZ 4K/HD cameras.

Canon USA president and chief executive officer Kevin Ogawa noted that, “with AMLOS and the use of a single camera, we’re aiming to alleviate the pain points that come with group interaction and are pleased to be working with Microsoft on this endeavor.” AMLOS reestablishes “serendipitous interactions” lost during remote working by enabling anyone in the office to launch a meeting with a hand gesture and send invites to remote workers.

Remote participants can also “drag and drop on their device screen to zoom in on areas that the in-room participant focuses on, like text on whiteboards, presenters in the room, and objects on a table.” Those in the office can “can use hand gestures to identify what they want to share with remote users.”

The cameras also offer image stabilization and Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus, which, with digital and optical zoom capabilities, can keep a presenter in-focus and onscreen. AMLOS software is slated to be available in the first half of 2022.

Canon also showcased Kokomo Software, a platform still in development, that combines virtual reality with immersive calling. With a compatible Canon camera, the user dons a VR headset and, with a compatible smartphone, can experience immersive photoreal conversations with family and friends. Canon notes that the app creates “realistic representations of users, so calls feel like you are interacting face-to-face, rather than through a screen or an avatar.”

Attendees to CES 2022 will be able to try out the ImmersiveCall demonstration, featuring the Canon RF5.2mm F2.8 L dual fisheye lens. Kokomo’s availability is scheduled for some time this year.

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