CEA Launches New Campaign to Promote Car Gadget Safety

The Consumer Electronics Association launched a promotional campaign called “Innovating Safety” last week to emphasize that CE devices and automobiles can work together safely. The campaign is designed to inform consumers and lawmakers about the many devices that support driver safety, such as Bluetooth kits and teen tracking. The campaign launched during a policy forum in Washington, D.C. that addressed distracted driving.

Tom Malone, president of Audiovox Electronics, was a panelist at the forum. “The variety of products offered by our industry to reduce driver distraction is expanding every day,” he said. “The challenge is educating consumers on all of the options available to them.”

“The CEA campaign will also be part of a nationwide Demo Days program November 9-11, where car audio specialists demo and promote car electronics to raise public awareness,” reports CE Outlook. “The category will also be showcased at CES in January.”

The campaign focuses on products that improve safety by shortening the amount of time a driver’s eyes are not on the road, providing early warnings about road conditions and lane changes, offering hands-free functions and improving integration with smartphones.

Products featured in the campaign include Audiovox’s Car Connection teen tracking device, the ORIGO Safe anti-texting device, Aamp’s iSimple InSeam hands-free phone device, and Cobra’s Android phone connection device.

Additional information is available on the Innovating Safety site.

“Safety is paramount in a moving vehicle and the consumer electronics industry recognizes that distracted driving is a critical public safety issue,” explained Gary Shapiro, CEO of CEA. “Our Innovating Safety campaign will empower consumers with information on the array of products our members design, build and sell to increase safety and awareness behind the wheel.”

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