CBS and Nielsen to Serve Dynamic Ads for Live TV Broadcasts

CBS and Nielsen are joining forces to deliver dynamic ad insertion (DAI) into linear national television programming that is viewed via connected devices. This will enable advertisers to better target individual viewers with more relevant commercials. The collaboration will use Gracenote’s Automatic Content Recognition software, which is already installed in millions of smart TVs. “Nielsen, through its acquisition of Gracenote, will leverage patented technology to replace linear ad spots on individual smart TV sets to offer more advanced advertising capabilities to brands,” said Nielsen exec Peter Bradbury.

“DAI would bring addressable targeting to linear national TV, targeting ads to individuals based on behavioral and demographic signals. Currently advertising on linear, national broadcast TV is targeted broadly based on age and gender,” explains MarTech Today. “CBS already offers addressable advertising on its digital, streaming and OTT properties.”


“We are working on taking the next step with Nielsen to go beyond age and gender by bringing targeted dynamic ad insertion to national live TV inventory,” said Jo Ann Ross, president and chief advertising revenue officer of CBS. ”This will create a more relevant ad experience for our viewers and better outcomes for our clients.”