Yahoo Unveils Mobile Development Suite with Analytics and Ads

Yahoo is wooing app developers with a new mobile development suite that makes it easier to build apps with search, integrate ads into the code, and analyze app performance. Yahoo is hoping that the development suite will not only encourage developers to build new apps, but also build apps that host its advertisements. Flurry Analytics, a Yahoo acquisition, will provide users with a collection of new tools designed to analyze their app’s performance and securely share that information with others.

Yahoo is investing in the development of mobile mainly because the entire field is growing, and that gives the company more opportunity to push some of its ads to developers. Through the Flurry SDK, developers can integrate BrightRoll video ads or Gemini native ads, like vertical streams or horizontal cards, into their app’s design.


The video ads, Gemini native ads, and Sponsored Post social ads on Tumblr are now under one category called Yahoo Mobile Marketing, and all of them can be targeted to specific users based on Yahoo’s identity data.

Flurry, the analytics division of Yahoo’s mobile strategy, also announced two more tools. The Flurry Explorer tool enables developers to “ask complex questions of your data and get the answer in seconds,” according to TechCrunch. Flurry Pulse lets developers share that data directly with other partners, which eliminates the need to integrate their partner’s SDK into their app.

Yahoo’s Mobile Development Kit puts the company in head-to-head competition against other tech giants. Facebook and Twitter offer a similar toolset for developers. Google and Facebook have already built a reputation for ad targeting, but Yahoo wants to prove that it can narrow the gap.

Now is the time as mobile use continues to grow. Flurry found there has been a major rise in mobile shopping and messaging apps do a lot more than send messages today. Phablets, the phones that are smaller than a tablet but bigger than a smartphone, are also driving more people to consume media through mobile.

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