VideoDubber Automatically Dubs Video into 30+ Languages

Foreign film fans may have a new reason to get excited. Israeli startup VideoDubber is introducing a new technology that could address complaints of subtitles in media content. The company claims that its TruDub technology can automatically dub films, TV shows and video into more than 30 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and four dialects of English. The service uses synthetic voices that it says sound natural since they are based on professional voice talent.

videostreamThe company says TruDub, which is targeting broadcasters and content creators, can dub an entire movie in less than five minutes.

“But the service can’t convert just any video to a different language,” reports Quartz. “Because TruDub relies on text-to-speech technology, the video needs to have subtitle files.”

“Video in .AVI and .mp4 formats can be uploaded to VideoDubber’s site, along with the corresponding subtitle files and an order form; according to the site, most orders can be turned around within one business day,” notes the article.

VideoDubber offers related services including video transcoding, subtitles transcribing, subtitles translation and subtitles re-syncing.

“Our automated video dubbing cloud platform, accurately dubs your content using computer-generated voices that use the voice signature of professional dubbing talents,” explains the VideoDubber site. “The resulted audio track sounds like a natural voice over artist recorded in a professional recording studio, but since it is digitally produced, it’s perfectly clear, with no hisses or background noises.”

The company claims you can save $200-$600 per hour dubbed with its service.

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